Don't Forget to Send a Card Ever Again!

Ever been so busy that you've forgotten to mail that birthday card. Don't have that happen to you again. With Phorget (pronounced for-jay), let us handle all of this for you for years on out. Never will you have to apologize for missing a birthday or any other annual events. Avoid the awkward delivery of a birthday card weeks after. Phorget will allow you to do just that - forget about worrying if you've sent a personalized card to those you love. Get back to the traditional personal touch that a card can provide in this impersonal world of ecards, emails and text messaging.


How do we do it. Our dedicated staff is on hand to manage all of this for you. You simply select what occassion, provide who to send it to, add you own personal note and the number of years you would like to handle this for you. We do the rest. Every year, days leading up to the occassion, we'll hand select the appropriate card and handwrite your personal note and mail it out all on your behalf. Never miss a birthday again.


We all truly care about our friends and family but sometimes in this generation of the busy lifestyle we lead we tend to lose that personal touch with each other. Get that personal bond back by letting Phorget work for you.

Don't Phorget Christmas

Save yourself time during the busiest season by letting us send Holiday cards for you every year.

Don't Phorget Birthdays

Never again will you forget to send birthday cards to your immediate or extended family. Avoid the awkward situation of seeing your neice or nephew and realizing you just missed their birthday.

Don't Phorget Mother's Day

Of all occassions, there's none that comes close to Mother's Day and the shame you feel for not getting a card sent to Mom in time.

Never leave Mom high and dry. Purchase Mother's Day cards for as many years out and we'll make sure Mom gets her Mother's Day card every time.